Conference Summary

This conference will highlight the benefits of social media in education – for research, teaching and public outreach. Renowned keynote speakers will discuss their cutting- edge work with new fossil finds from South Africa, primate and animal cognition, and human sexuality, while demonstrating how their research is enhanced through social media. These lectures will be professionally filmed and edited for later use in classrooms as learning modules via the BioAnth News YouTube Channel.

In addition, a series of dynamic two-hour breakout sessions led by accomplished scholars, who utilize various Web 2.0 technologies, will speak to the benefits and potential pitfalls of these tools. Using very popular mechanisms like March Mammal Madness and Star Talk Radio by Neil deGrasse Tyson, these sessions will provide practical lessons for those interested in employing such tools for their own work. The discussions will be live streamed to a larger audience via the BioAnth News Network on Facebook and Twitter.

This conference will demonstrate how important social media can be to a highly successful research and teaching profile, and to public science education.